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Screensharing Adds Mobility

In the 1 to 1 classroom, it is easy to share a screen with the whole class simply by connecting to a projector. Needing to do so, however, does not need to tie you to the four walls of your more »

Search Visually with Tag Galaxy

The standard keyword search has its place, but there are advantages to varying how you and your students navigate the web. One way to search online is using tags. Tags are descriptions, often one word, created by the person who more »

Mixed Media and Student Choice

It is easy to have particular medium in mind when assigning a student project. You may, for example, envisage a PowerPoint or Keynote accompaniment to a student’s oral presentation. This line of thinking makes sense, in that as teachers, we more »

Research, Projects and Licensing with Creative Commons

You probably have noticed the Creative Commons license logo while surfing the web and may or may not have payed much attention to it.  Creative Commons’ tagline  “a culture of sharing”  is quite appropriate to its applications, as it allows more »

Storytelling for Visual Learners

Some students have an easier time than other creating a storyline. Whether you are storytelling with very young students or adolescents, here is a technique using visuals to help students construct their stories using a different starting point.

Incorporating the Arts

When studying a particular time period or contextualizing a particular concept, alluding to the arts help students have a more rounded picture and engage more of the senses. Fortunately, this has never been easier to do in a seamlessly integrated more »

Twitter in the Classroom: Current Events for Our Digital Age

Want your student to be among the first to learn of breaking news in a region they are studying? Want your students to follow their favorite author or a renown scientist or mathematician? Then why not have them use Twitter?

Podcasting to Increase Hands-On Class Time

In certain content areas, quite a bit of time needs to be dedicated to how-to type explanations. When dealing with short lesson times these necessary instructions use valuable class time which could be used to provide one-on-one support for students more »

Visual Bookmarking with Symbaloo

There are a few good social bookmarking sites out there, such as Diigo, which are quite useful when guiding students in research and organization. Although Symbaloo might not be the site of choice for intensive research annotation, it is a more »

Convenient Cameras

Fact: If you teach middle level to older students, the vast majority of your students, if not all of them carry a phone with camera capabilities. Fact: The more senses we use as we learn, the more likely we are more »

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